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News Archive
   The Middle East Electricity Exhibition

On the 17th-19th of February 2013 in Dubai Terasaki will take part in the Middle East Electricity exhibition in Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Terasaki will be presented in Hall 2 stand D35. This will be our fourth time exhibiting at this event.

Middle East Electricity is an exhibition which has been running for the past 37 years, it is the biggest platform in the Middle East region to do business in the power, lighting, new and renewable and water sectors.

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   Hanover exhibition

Terasaki Electric Europe will take part in Hanover exhibition in April 2012. The exhibition will start on the 23 of April and will end on the 27 of April. Terasaki will be presented in the Hall 12, stand E71 and in Hall 11 Rittal Stand, Ri4 Power Technology. Hope to see you there!

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   Terasaki in Moscow

Photo by Aleksandr Shevyakov. On the 10th of February in the British Embassy in Moscow Terasaki Electric Europe has hosted a seminar ‘Modern Terasaki Circuit Breakers for Safety and Protection’in cooperation with our Russian representative Azbuka Elektrichestva. More than 100 electronic specialists have attended this seminar.

Team Leader (Energy) of the British Embassy, Sean Earl, has held an opening speech, where he stated that the British Embassy is glad to support the cooperation of two countries in the energy industry, support Terasaki company and their official representative in Russia – Azbuka Elektrichestva. Diplomat has mentioned the importance of the energy industry and the high quality of the Terasaki products, which provide protection and safety in different parts of the world in proite houses, industrial buildings and marine industry, where Terasaki is a leading supplier of switching devices.

Mr Earl has also mentioned that the venue of the British Embassy in Moscow has been built using Terasaki circuit breakers, which have been providing safe and stable energy supply. Air circuit breakers guarantee safe and secure work for the embassy staff.

Tim Campbell, marketing manager of the Terasaki Electric Europe has presented general information about Terasaki circuit breakers, company profile and different project, where Terasaki circuit breakers were used. The survey in the end of the seminar has showed that guests highly evaluated all the presentations’ delivery and the background of our specialist. Tim Campbell has 13 years of experience working with low voltage equipment and provides training for specialists in Europe, Africa and South East. This year he has presented in Moscow for the first time and has answered all the questions from the guests.

Alexey Pischur, general manager of the Azbuka Elektrichestva, has made a presentation about the partnership with Terasaki in Russia.

Both presenters were very pleased with the audience, who was listening very carefully and asked interesting questions.

Between the presentations, during the coffee breaks and lunch, guests could see the product displays; try to operate with Terasaki breakers themselves.

Two switchboard building companies from Russia were also presenting their products: ‘Elektronmash’ from St. Petersburg and ‘EKTA’ from Ivanovo. Visitors could see their switchboards, which were built using Terasaki ACBs TemPower2 and MCCBs TemBreak2.

In the end of the event guests enjoyed sampling of Scotch Whisky from different regions of Scotland and received certificates about taking part in the seminar.

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   Chamber Awards 2011

British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has launched the Chamber Awards in 2004 to recognise the most successful businesses and people working in them. Chamber Awards provide the opportunity for the Accredited Chambers of Commerce members to gain recognition on a regional and national scale for their excellent work and business achievements.

Our Marketing Manager has shared Terasaki’s experience in finding new markets and successfully operating there, and our future plans to enter new markets. Chamber Awards judges have rated the entry highly, so this year in the category ‘Finding New International Markets’ Terasaki has become a Regional Winner.

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   TERASAKI Open Day

Terasaki Electric Europe has hosted an Open Day on the 5th of October. A lot of specifyiers came to Clydebank, Glasgow to visit the manufacture. Visitors have attended a CPD seminar, where they were introduced to Circuit Breakers, Cascade and Discrimination.

Attendees could operate an Air Circuit Breaker, have hands-on demonstrations of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and Distribution Boards and learn about all the services offered by Terasaki company on the product displays during the well-come tea and coffee breakfast. Everyone had a guided tour and explanation of assembly and test processes of modern circuit breakers provided by friendly staff. This all finished with a nice hot dinner and gifts from Terasaki to their guests, which replenished all the information they have gained. Terasaki has received a good feedback from the visitors, who were interested in further events that will be organised by the company or the Lunch and Learn Presentations that Terasaki Electric offers.

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   New Pro-DB Distribution Board and Pro-Panel Panelboards

Terasaki’s new distribution equipment meets the needs of modern commercial and industrial building electrical installations. Complying with UK regulations and standards for building projects*. The range includes Distribution Boards, Panel Boards and Integrated Metering Solutions.

New TP&N Offer

Pro-DB Type B distribution boards are fully type tested with a conditional short circuit rating of 25kA to BS EN 60439. Variations for the 125A TPN board include a choice of: 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24 TP outgoing ways. For applications where the number of MCB ways requires a larger supply current, a 250A rated TPN version is also available in 8, 12, 16, 18 and 24 outgoing ways.

Complementing the Pro-DB distribution board is a completely new range of TD3 MCBS and single module RCBOs, providing the highest levels of safety and performance required for your installation. Assuring our customers that they are buying a component of good quality

Facilitating various industrial and commercial distribution applications, the choice of incomer options include: Switch Disconnectors, MCCBs, RCCBs and Contactor incomers. The TP&N distribution board can easily be converted to a SP&N system by utilising a single phasing kit for both 125A and 250A ratings.

Compact Solution for Energy Metering

Integrated metering can be easily achieved by simply adding a meter next to the incoming device in the 125A & 250A board. This means that simple energy meters (kWh) with pulsed output, digital multifunction meters with pulsed output or digital multifunction meters with Modbus output can be installed inside the board without the need for an extension box.

Split metering of lighting and power loads in the distribution board enables compliance with the building regulations in the UK. Pro-DB TP&N boards can separately monitor lighting and power loads by utilising dual metering kits in horizontal board configurations. Separate metering facility for a 125A board is also available in a vertical board configuration.

With generous wiring space and a unique cable entry system, why not switch over to the Pro-DB distribution range? Contact marketing@terasaki.co.uk for our Pro-DB price list and product brochure.
*BS7671 and Part L2 The Building Regulations 2000 (2006 edition).
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   Discover NEW Switchgear Solutions from Terasaki at the Hanover Fair 4th-8th April, Stand No: E71 Hall 13


We are delighted to invite you to join us at the Hanover Fair. We will exhibit together with EFEN, our distributor in Germany, in a prime position in the middle of Hall 13.

Our Directors, Managers and Staff will be available to discuss all your business requirements, and to explain our recent innovations, including:

• New TemBreak 2 MCCBs which can save space and money up to 250A, 40kA

     • MCCBs for use is photovoltaic systems at voltages up to 1000V DC

     • New range of MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs


TemPower 2 ACBs and TemBreak 2 MCCbs will be installed in simple switchboards on our stand for your inspection. You can also view our products in type-tested systems by our partners at the following stands:

• CUBIC Stand D40, Hall 12
• RITTAL Stand E06, Hall 11
• Wöhner Stand C66, Hall 12

17:00 to 18:00 will be Happy Hour on our stand. We hope you can join us at that time for a chat, a snack and a drink!


Contact David Wales NOW to make an appointment for a meeting or to arrange for a ticket for free entry to the Exhibition.
Telephone: +44 141 565 1689

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   Middle East Electricity Exhibition

Terasaki Electric Europe Ltd participated at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition from the 8th to 10th February 2011, in a joint stand with our partner for UAE, Al Ghandi Trading. Our joint stand was 36sq meters with 15sq meters apportioned to Terasaki.

This exhibition provided an opportunity to promote our new range of products including Space Saving MCCBS up to 250A and TD3 range of Miniature Circuit Breakers. Tom Craig (General Manager) presented two seminars on the Application of Circuit Breakers which were well received.
For further information on these new product ranges, please contact Terasaki.

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   Terasaki and Mardix Pass Test at One Hundred Thousand Amps

Terasaki and Mardix are delighted to announce the success of their joint switchgear testing program. Engineers at Mardix have designed a new industry-leading, high-capacity distribution switchgear system incorporating Terasaki circuit breakers. Intended for use in buildings with high, concentrated electrical energy demand such as data centres and banks, it has now been proven to withstand short-circuit fault current of up to one hundred thousand amps (100kA).

Peace of Mind from Independent Testing and Certification to IEC 61439

The consequences of switchgear failure when a business depends heavily on the availability of electricity could be disastrous. Terasaki and Mardix had the system independently tested and certified to give users and specifiers peace of mind about the performance of the equipment.

Short-circuit performance at 100kA was tested at the ASTA-approved DAMSTRA laboratory in the Netherlands.

Temperature performance was verified at kA Testing in the UK (also ASTA-certified). This highlighted the superior thermal performance of the switchboard and circuit breakers in that:

• a rating of 6300A for the incoming circuit (a TemPower 2 ACB) was achieved with natural cooling;

     • Outgoing circuits rated from 160A to 3200A (TemBreak 2 MCCBs and TemPower 2 ACBs) achieved a diversity factor of         1 with natural cooling.

Latest Switchgear Standard

The system was designed and tested to the latest standard for low-voltage switchgear assemblies, IEC 61439. ASTA certificates are available and reference the new standard.

Collaboration Offers Choice to Clients

Terasaki and Mardix are independent companies, successful in their separate, but overlapping business areas. Terasaki are the UK’s foremost circuit breaker specialists, supplying components to switchboard builders for a wide range of commercial, industrial and marine projects. Mardix deliver an integrated solution for every aspect of the critical power life cycle through switchgear, power management and service.
The co-operation between Terasaki and Mardix offers choice to clients who like to select the best technical solution for a project without being restricted to using the same brand for systems and circuit breakers due to existing certification. Some examples of the benefits of this “best of breed” approach are:

     • Reduction in space required for switchgear in the building. 100kA short-circuit withstand ratings can achieved in         1400mm wide incoming switchgear compartments. This is possible only due to the unique combination of Air Circuit         Breakers with exceptional ratings (Terasaki) and busbar design (Mardix) and can result in space savings of up to 40%         over conventional designs.

     • Overheating is the single most common cause of failure in switchgear. Full critical power monitoring systems,         incorporating real-time, continuous thermal measurement of circuit breakers is an easily achieved option with this         combination of equipment.

More Details

For more details of the tested solutions from Terasaki and Mardix, contact:

     • Terasaki: Tim Campbell, Marketing Manager. tim.campbell@terasaki.co.uk
       Telephone: 0141 941 1940

     • Mardix: Clare Coxon, PR Agent. clare@tenstories.co.uk
       Telephone: 015395 64242

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   TERASAKI Circuit Breakers Type-Tested With CUBIC

Two independent and innovative switchgear companies have co-operated to conduct a successful type-testing programme.

Terasaki and CUBIC are independent and innovative companies who have co-operated to offer one of the world’s most compact switchboards certified at up to 100kA - Icw for one second, containing Terasaki circuit breakers from 12A to 6300A.

We have proven the performance of our products together with a test programme, certified by KEMA and ASTA, at fault levels of 65kA, 80kA and 100kA.

This delivers unsurpassed circuit protection with built-in reliability and safety, giving confidence for the future of energy distribution.

Tests conducted:
   • Temperature rise
   • Dielectric properties
   • Short-circuit withstand strength
   • Effectiveness of the protective circuit
   • Creepage and clearance
   • Mechanical operation
   • Degree of protection
   • EMC
   • Resistance of insulation materials
   • Partial test to IEC 61439-1,-2
   • Internal arc fault containment to AS3439-1
Annex ZD and AS3000

Terasaki products included in this testing;

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) - TemBreak2

One of the most powerful features of the TemBreak2 MCCB is that it is so easy to install and operate - it was designed that way.
TemBreak2 MCCBs are now available with high tech integrated LCD energy monitor which can be connected to an Automatic Monitoring and Targeting system.

The TemPower 2 ACB is extremely reliable in service.
All models in the range have a short-time withstand rating equal to their service breaking capacity. This guarantees total discrimination without further calculation because it allows short-circuit protection to be time-delayed even at the maximum prospective short-circuit current.

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   New Product Selection Book

We have produced a new combined product selection book, PL0809.The new publication combines product selection tables for Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and Distribution products in one comprehensive user-friendly reference document.

The 139 page publication, with full price listings, is split into application-specific areas, with the main index providing a quick reference guide with pictures highlighting the key product areas.

Tim Campbell, Marketing Manager advised that Terasaki’s policy of continuous innovation means that they have made significant developments to all their ranges of electrical and safety protection products: 

   • TemBreak 2 MCCBs with integrated power and energy metering now available to order
   • Neutral links designed to match the terminal arrangements of 4P MCCBs – with optional moulded shrouds
   • Optional protection relays with manual reset facility for TemPower 2 ACBs
   • Optional ready-to-close contact for TemPower 2 ACBs
   • TemWay 100: a new single-phase distribution board
   • TemWay 250 LP: a split-metered distribution board for lighting and power

Terasaki’s delivery performance team have been working hard since last autumn to ensure that deliveries are the most reliable in the market place. This approach is strengthened by excellent technical support to ensure their customers receive the best possible performance and service.

Click here to download the product selection book
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   Save Space with Power Factor Correction Modules
Terasaki supply a complete range of products and systems for low, medium and high voltage power factor correction.

Our new ECCTT small units have been designed to be installed extremely easily in automatic power-factor correction equipment. The units offer a 70% reduction in width compared with our standard PFC modules, allowing for higher packing density and a reduction in the size of compartment. This will assist in minimizing switchboard size, and generally save costs.

We also offer standard modular cassettes for switchboard installation and prefabricated freestanding automatic capacitor banks.

Available types are:

   • ECCTT.40125 25Kvar 400V 50Hz Modular Unit
   • ECCTT.40150 50Kvar 400V 50Hz Modular Unit

Unit Specifications:

   • Cable connection.
   • Frame is galvanized sheet steel.
   • Set of three fuses which are NH00 curve gG with a high breaking capacity.
   • Flameproof connecting cables type N07VK.
   • The capacitors are the “dry” type, manufactured using self-healing metallised       polypropylene film. The capacitors are equipped with an overpressure       disconnecting safety device that at the end of its life or in the event of a failure       due to overvoltage, immediately cuts off the circuit power supply.
   • Minimum of 10mm horizontal and 20mm vertical spacing is required between units.

Small Modular Tray with Cable Connections
(L 150mm x W 250mm x H 400mm)
Quality and reliability of our equipment is guaranteed. Capacitors are designed to meet the requirements of IEC 60831-1/2, IEC 60871-1 and IEC 60871-2. End-users like Pirelli, VATech and Michelin rely on our range for power factor correction.

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