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We hear you!

We have asked registered users for their feedback on the TemCurve Lite software. Some people complained that it was difficult to download.

We have removed the registration form from TemCurve Lite download. You may now download it without registration.

Overall we received positive feedback with some good suggestions which we will take in to account.

For those of you who would like to receive Terasaki updates we have added a registration form on our news page. Subscribe and be the first to receive our news.

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How to Select and Set Circuit Breakers for Generators

Generators differ from other electrical power sources in their ability to withstand electrical overloads and fault currents. These differences should be respected when selecting and setting circuit breakers which protect generators.

Terasaki have prepared a designed guide that explains the parameters of generators and circuit breakers which should be considered when selecting and setting circuit breakers which protect generators.

Download "Why the Protection of Generators Needs Special Consideration" Paper
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Terasaki welcome customers in our factory!

What is the best way to choose a supplier? Go and see them yourself!

Terasaki is always happy to welcome customers:

    • we will show our factory,
    • do a presentation of our products,
    • you will meet Terasaki personnel and see yourself what we do to guarantee high quality products and fast service.

    Terasaki Presentation Terasaki Electrical Testing Area

    Product Presentation by Terasaki

    Testing process viewing by Terasaki visitors

    We will also make sure that you enjoy your visit to Glasgow:

    • we will prepare a suitable sightseeing program for you:
    • a trip to Edinburgh,
    • visiting most spectacular Glasgow places or seeing Scotland's second famous manufacturing (after Terasaki): Scotch Whisky.
    • Our colleagues will accompany you as well (if you wish to of course).

    Drummer in Edinburgh by This Is Edinburgh Kelvingrove Art Gallery Glasgow

    Drummer by "This is Edinburgh"

    Kelvingrove Art Gallery by "People Make Glasgow"

    To arrange a visit to Terasaki Glasgow factory.

    Contact Us
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Terasaki Exhibitions 2017

Terasaki have great solutions for:


Find out more when you visit us at the following exhibitions next year:

  • 14 16 February
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Transmission and Distribution Zabeel Hall 3
  • Seminar on
  • Tuesday 14 February 17:00
  • 15-16 March
  • ExCel London
  • Stand C60
  • Brand new product displays
  • 24-28 April
  • Hannover, Germany
  • Happy Hour
  • Every Day
  • 17:00

Our technical experts will be available at each show to guide you through our new solutions. We will present 3C overheating protection in detail at special seminar events during the shows

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Product Recall

Terasaki Electric (Europe) ltd have detected a raw material non-conformity during their quality control process. Two products were affected: TD3 M10 and TD3 M06 miniature circuit breakers. Only certain products within a specific date range are affected. No failures of installed products have been reported to the manufacturer as of the time-of-writing, but it was decided to implement product recall and withdrawal procedure as a precautionary measure:

Terasaki have already contacted their customers who have bought these items according to the records.

If you have concerns about your installed products, you may contact Terasaki on mcb@terasaki.co.uk to receive more information.

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New TemCurve Selectivity Software Now Available

Terasaki has launched version 3.0 of TemCurve selectivity software. It includes numerous NEW and IMPROVED features not available in older versions:

New Version 3.0

  1. It is now multilingual! You may select from: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese.
  2. Version 3.0 can output both DXF and PDF files.
  3. TemBreak 2 Lite MCCBs' and TemBreak 2 CBRs are now included

It is still free for download and the latest version is already available from the Electrical Design Software page and from downloads pages.

Use TemCurve 3.0 to select a correct circuit breaker for your electrical installation and to coordinate the settings of the breakers in it. Benefit from the most up to date Terasaki product information and accuracy.

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