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Preventative Maintenance

The service life of an Air Circuit Breaker depends on the operating and environmental conditions on site. An ACB is often exposed to mechanical and electrical stresses and thus suffers gradual degradation during use, increasing the possibility of malfunct ion. Preventative maintenance and periodical inspection are important for reducing the risk of malfunction and extending the service life of an ACB.

The frequency of maintenance and inspection varies depending on operating factors on site such as environmental conditions, the number of close or trip operations, the magnitude of breaking current. Terasaki's preventative maintenance service is available to ensure integrity of electrical supplies. From the range of services available we tailor a program around the structure of the electrical system on site. Circuit breaker maintenance work can be carried out at the site location or at our specialised facilities in Glasgow.

Spares Management

Terasaki guarantees availability of breaker's spare parts for at least 10 years after the breaker's withdrawal from sales. Beyond that period the Direct Response Service Division will continue to support older products in the field carrying out routine maintenance and repairs on-site.

The Direct Response Service Division can provide a recommended spares list, based on the specification of all breakers on site. We usually recommend combination of 'complete' and component spares are held in a dry clean indoor location on site. The reason for this is that complete spares are better for covering emergency situations affecting essential supplies where the breaker can be quickly exchanged with its spare reducing downtime. The components on the other hand, are usually held to cover wear and tear and used during general maintenance intervals Terasaki's current Air Circuit Breaker is the TemPower 2 range and Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is the TemBreak 2 range. At date of writing Terasaki have no plan to withdraw these products from sale.

Warranty Extension

Terasaki offers one year standard warranty for our breakers. However, you can extend it up to 4 or 5 years depending on project requirements.

Emergency and Investigative Service

In case of emergency Terasaki has a 24/7 telephone hot line (00 44 141 941 1940) and team of service engineers ready to respond to any urgent situation that may occur.